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Swiss Medical Weekly recognizes Prof Andrea Alimonti, recipient of the Dr Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation Award 2015

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Review article: Biomedical intelligence © Liligraphie |

Ott SR, Korostovtseva L, Schmidt M, Horvath T, Brill AK, Bassetti CL

Sleep-disordered breathing: clinical features, pathophysiology and diagnosis

Berchtold L, Friedli I, Vallée JP, Moll S, Martin PY, de Seigneux S

Diagnosis and assessment of renal fibrosis: the state of the art

Rougemont-Bücking A, Gamma F, Panksepp J

Use of tramadol in psychiatric care: A comprehensive review and report of two cases

Original article

Jakob J, Cornuz J, Diethelm P

Prevalence of tobacco smoking in Switzerland: do reported numbers underestimate reality?

Engel B, Schindler C, Leuppi JD, Rutishauser J

Predictors of re-exacerbation after an index exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the REDUCE randomised clinical trial

Original article © Wordplanet |

Lo Priore E, Fliedner M, Heverhagen JT, Novak U, Marschall J

The role of a surveillance programme for intro-ducing peripherally inserted central catheters: a 2-year observational study in an academic hospital

Jödicke AM, Dahmke H, Damke B, Schäublin M, Kullak-Ublick GA, Weiler S

Severe injection site reactions after subcutaneous administration of Sayana©

Maggio ABR, Vuistiner P, Crettenand A, Tabin R, Martin XE, Beghetti M, Farpour-Lambert NJ, Deriaz O

Adapting the "Chester step test" to predict peak oxygen uptake in children

Padrutt M, Bracher I, Bonassin F, Santos Lopes B, Gruner C, Stämpfli SF, Wolber T, Kretschmar O, Oxenius A, De Pasquale G, Seeliger T, Lüscher TF, Attenhofer Jost C, Greutmann M

Impact of growing cohorts of adults with con-genital heart disease on clinical workload: a 20-year experience at a tertiary care centre

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