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Hafner Bratkovič I

Prions, prionoid complexes and amyloids: the bad, the good and something in between

Original article

Winnik S, Elsener C, Seifert B, Starck C, Straub A, Saguner AM, Breitenstein A, Krasniqi N, Wilhelm MJ, Haegeli L, Duru F, Benussi S, Maisano F, Lüscher TF, Holzmeister J, Huerlimann D, Ruschitzka F, Steffel J

"Real world" experience in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy at a Swiss Tertiary Care Center

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Flahault A, Geissbuhler A, Guessous I, Guérin P, Bolon I, Salathé M, Escher G

Precision global health in the digital age

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Chrobak C, Sidler JA, O'Meara A, Schaedelin S, Hug BL

Iron homeostasis in inflammation: a single centre prospective observational study in medical inpatients

Metaxas C, Mathis D, Jeger C, Hersberger KE, Arnet I, Walter P

Early biomarker response and patient preferences to oral and intramuscular vitamin B12 substitution in primary care: a randomised parallel-group trial

Miftaroski A, Kessler U, Monnard E, Egger B

Two-step procedure for complicated appendicitis with perityphlitic abscess formation

Berger A, Bachmann N, Signorell A, Erdin R, Oelhafen S, Reich O, Cignacco E

Perinatal mental disorders in Switzerland: prevalence estimates and use of mental-health services

Hendriks MJ, Bucher HU, Klein SD, Streuli JC, Baumann-Hölzle R, Fauchère JC

Exploring societal solidarity in the context of extreme prematurity

Mader L, Vetsch J, Christen S, Baenziger J, Roser K, Dehler S, Michel G

Education, employment and marriage in long-term survivors of teenage and young adult cancer compared with healthy controls

Favre L, Pralong F, Suter M, Jornayvaz FR

Treatment challenges in type 1 diabetes after roux-en-Y gastric bypass

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