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Anouck Zurbuchen, Piergiorgio Tozzi, Julien Regamey, Tamila Abdurashidova, Philippe Meyer, Karl Lefol, Manuel Pascual, Patrick Yerly, Vincent Aubert, Stefania Aur, Valentina Rancati, Carlo Marcucci, Marco Rusca, Sam Rotman, Rene Pretre, Matthias Kirsch, Roger Hullin

Has the profile of heart transplantation recipients changed within the last three decades?  

Sebastian Gross, Katharina Beck, Christoph Becker, Martina Gamp, Jonas Mueller, Nina Loretz, Simon A. Amacher, Chantal Bohren, Jens Gaab, Philipp Schuetz, Beat Mueller, Christoph A. Fux, Jörg D. Leuppi, Rainer Schaefert, Wolf Langewitz, Marten Trendelenburg, Tobias Breidthardt, Jens Eckstein, Michael Osthoff, Stefano Bassetti, Sabina Hunziker

Perception of physicians and nursing staff members regarding outside versus bedside ward rounds: ancillary analysis of the randomised BEDSIDE-OUTSIDE trial

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