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Vol. 151 No. 5152 (2021)

Development of a value-based healthcare delivery model for sarcoma patients 

  • Bruno Fuchs
  • Gabriela Studer
  • Beata Bode
  • Hanna Wellauer
  • Annika Frei
  • Carlo Theus
  • Guido Schüpfer
  • Jan Plock
  • Hubi Windegger
  • Stefan Breitenstein
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Swiss Med Wkly. 2021;151:w30047


The urgent need to restructure healthcare delivery to address rising costs has been recognised. Value-based health care aims to deliver high and rising value for the patient by addressing unmet needs and controlling costs. Sarcoma is a rare disease and its care is therefore usually not organised as an institutional discipline. It comprises a set of various diagnostic entities and is highly transdisciplinary. A bottom-up approach to establishing sarcoma integrated practice units (IPUs) faces many challenges, but ultimately allows the scaling up of quality and outcomes of patient care, specific knowledge, experience and education. The key for value-based health care – besides defining the shared value of quality – is an integrated information technology platform that allows transparency by sharing values, brings all stakeholders together in real-time,  and offers the opportunity to assess quality of care and outcomes, thereby ultimately saving costs. Sarcoma as a rare disease may serve as a  model of how to establish IPUs through a supraregional network by increased connectivity, to advance patient care, to improve science and education, and to control costs in the future, thereby restructuring healthcare delivery. This article describes how the value-based health care delivery principles are being adopted and fine-tuned to the care of sarcoma patients, and already partially integrated in seven major referral hospitals in Switzerland.


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