The SMW op-eds are short news articles, interviews or op-ed pieces on current issues at the interface between medical science and ethics, politics, education or other topics.

Precision medicine

The Swiss approach to precision medicine

Precision or personalised medicine/health aims to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases by taking into account individual variability of genes, environment and lifestyle for each person.

Emergency medicine

Black clouds in the Emergency Room: myth or fact?

There is evidence that black clouds really exist in the ED.

Ethics Clinical decision making

Quantity or quality of life

Balancing moral priorities as the population ages ...

Clinical research

Dr. Hans Salvisberg, physician and philanthropist (1929–2015)

In this Op-Ed, Hans Salvisberg’s nephew recounts and celebrates the life and accomplishments of a major Swiss philanthropist.

Clinical research

Confused by clinical research methods? Get a clue!

An interactive learning tool that will turn you into an instant expert in current research methodology ...

Medical education

Why not start teaching (some) medicine in elementary school?

The school teaching curriculum should include all knowledge that is helpful for kids to ultimately lead good lives.

Academic medicine Postgraduate training

Challenging the “leaky pipeline” in faculties of medicine

Action plans and strategies of four Swiss universities


Psychosomatics in times of evidence-based medicine

Understanding the background of a case of tick-borne encephalitis

Medical education

Sport as part of the medical humanities – why not?

Postgraduate training

How residents can efficiently manage their training years with myAIM

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12.05.2017 | Natalie Lerch-Pieper, Stefanie Brander, Isabel Valarino, Céline Zurbriggen, Elisabeth Maurer, Winship Herr, Frauke Müller, Brigitte Mantilleri, Sibil Tschudin, Nicole Kaelin, Kathleen B. Digre, Beatrice Beck-Schimmer

Challenging the “leaky pipeline” in faculties of medicine

05.01.2017 | Andreas Wallnöfer

Personalised health – current opinion

30.01.2017 | Johann A. R. Roduit, Tobias Eichinger

Sport as part of the medical humanities – why not?