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Clinicians or teachers – why not both? Expanding the comfort zone of Swiss clinical teachers in private practice


Introducing a weak presumed consent for organ donation – is it ethically justified?

Public health

The Romand Network of Oncology: bridging the gap of personalised oncology

Primary care Ethics

Aging and driving in Switzerland

It is time for Swiss practising physicians to discuss with the authorities whether the current laws on testing the driving skills of older drivers are ethical and do not discriminate against seniors who have good driving ability.

The difficult task of decision-making in chronically ill patients: Why do intensivists dare while others do not?

This article tries to explain difficulties in making decisions about the end of life. Specific issues regarding five medical specialties are addressed. The particular ability of intensivists to make end-of-life decisions is analysed and solutions that favour starting end-of-life discussions before admission to the intensive care unit are proposed.

E-learning for a medical undergraduate curriculum: a successful Swiss programme

The fast and continuous evolution of medicine is progressively overwhelming the structure of the undergraduate curriculum in medical studies. More and more topics must be covered, but time is short. To enhance information given in lecture-based classes, we developed an e-learning programme.

Psychotherapy Public health Health economics

Reconsidering delegated psychotherapy

What we should not forget is that the system exists to treat patients.

Public health

Combined anti-smoking warnings: is a canton level approach for languages required?

Current tobacco control legislation in Switzerland is based on a “one-size-fits-all” approach in linguistic terms. This is inappropriate given that there are seven Cantons where German is not the primary language.

Clinical research Public health

The rationale for a Swiss Citizen Study and Biobank

What relevant research and health problems can only be addressed by a sufficiently large Swiss citizen study comparable to All of Us or other equivalent initiatives in Europe and across the globe?

Paediatrics Ethics

Arno Gruen’s understanding of autonomy in children

Experiencing and integrating one’s own feelings and needs

Clinical research Public health

Questionable pediatric studies with Swiss participation

The authors analyzed international industry-sponsored pediatric studies listed in www.clinicaltrials.gov with at least one center in Switzerland, respectively, for their medical value.

Academic medicine Clinical research Postgraduate training

Women in science: a call to action to fix the leaky pipeline

We are far from reaching equality, equity, and parity. Women currently represent less than 30% of the research and development workforce worldwide.

Public health

Sonic attack claims stir controversy in the United States

A controversy has erupted in the United States over claims by the State Department that 24 staff at the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba, were sickened by an acoustic weapon.

Precision medicine

The Swiss approach to precision medicine

Precision or personalised medicine/health aims to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases by taking into account individual variability of genes, environment and lifestyle for each person.

Emergency medicine

Black clouds in the Emergency Room: myth or fact?

There is evidence that black clouds really exist in the ED.

Ethics Clinical decision making

Quantity or quality of life

Balancing moral priorities as the population ages ...

Clinical research

Dr. Hans Salvisberg, physician and philanthropist (1929–2015)

In this Op-Ed, Hans Salvisberg’s nephew recounts and celebrates the life and accomplishments of a major Swiss philanthropist.

Clinical research

Confused by clinical research methods? Get a clue!

An interactive learning tool that will turn you into an instant expert in current research methodology ...

Medical education

Why not start teaching (some) medicine in elementary school?

The school teaching curriculum should include all knowledge that is helpful for kids to ultimately lead good lives.

Academic medicine Postgraduate training

Challenging the “leaky pipeline” in faculties of medicine

Action plans and strategies of four Swiss universities


Psychosomatics in times of evidence-based medicine

Understanding the background of a case of tick-borne encephalitis

Medical education

Sport as part of the medical humanities – why not?

Postgraduate training

How residents can efficiently manage their training years with myAIM

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02.01.2018 | Peter J. Meier-Abt, Adrien K. Lawrence, Liselotte Selter, Effy Vayena, Torsten Schwede

The Swiss approach to precision medicine

12.05.2017 | Natalie Lerch-Pieper, Stefanie Brander, Isabel Valarino, Céline Zurbriggen, Elisabeth Maurer, Winship Herr, Frauke Müller, Brigitte Mantilleri, Sibil Tschudin, Nicole Kaelin, Kathleen B. Digre, Beatrice Beck-Schimmer

Challenging the “leaky pipeline” in faculties of medicine

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