Indoor Air and COVID Transmission (online event)


May 10, 2021 | 16:30-18.00 CET  | Online

Swiss Medical Weekly, a Public Service Open Access journal, has been tracking progress in health science since 150 years.

With COVID transforming the world in profound and unexpected ways, Swiss Medical Weekly has hosted expert panels on important but controversial topics around the pandemic. Here, we will explore the science of humidity and its impact on viruses, their hosts, and human well-being. A panel of biologists, physicians and engineers will discuss the cost, the benefits and the knowledge gaps related to air humidity in human environments and the transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

Please be kindly invited to join the panel “Indoor Air and COVID Transmission” on May 10, 16:30–18:00.

Zoom link

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16:30 Introduction: Prof. Adriano Aguzzi (Institute of Neuropathology – University Hospital Zurich)

16:33 Talk Prof. Stephanie Taylor (Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc.)

16:41 Talk Prof. William Bahnfleth  (Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment)

16:49 Talk Prof. Linsey C. Marr  (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science, Virginia Tech)

16:57 Talk Prof. Akiko Iwasaki  (Iwasaki Lab, Yale School of Medicine)

17:05 Talk Prof. Athanasios Nenes  (Laboratory of Atmospheric Processes and their Impacts, School of Architecture, Civil & Environmental Engineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

17:12 Panel discussion and questions from the audience

18:00 End



Images: © Condair Group AG

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