Collection 2016/27-28

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Roth S, Liesz A

Stroke research at the crossroads - where are we heading?

Koskinas K, Wilhelm M, Windecker S

Current treatment of dyslipidaemia: PCSK9 inhibitors and statin intolerance

Original article

Aebi-Popp K, Kahlert C, Rauch A, Mosimann B, Baud D, Low N, Surbek D

Heterogeneity in testing practices for infections during pregnancy: national survey across Switzerland

Oberli LS, Valeri F, Korol D, Rohrmann S, Dehler S

31 years of lung cancer in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland: incidence trends by sex, histology and laterality

Walther D, Curjuric I, Dratva J, Schaffner E, Quinto C, Rochat T, Gaspoz JM, Burdet L, Bridevaux PO, Pons M, Gerbase MW, Schindler C, Probst-Hensch N

High blood pressure: prevalence and adherence to guidelines in a population-based cohort

Technical comment

Poirson P

When federal science is muffling harm reduction by vaping

Author reply to Technical comment

Gmel G, Baggio S, Mohler-Kuo M, Studer J

When vaping lobbyists get science wrong – reply to Poirson

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