Collection 2015/51-52

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Pencik J, Wiebringhaus R, Susani M, Culig Z, Kenner L

IL-6/STAT3/ARF: the guardians of senescence, cancer progression and metastasis in prostate cancer

Kiessling M, Rogler G

Targeting the RAS pathway by mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitors

Sarukhan A, Zanotti L, Viola A

Mesenchymal stem cells: myths and reality

Original article

Seiler A, Jenewein J, Martin-Soelch C, Goetzmann L, Inci I, Weder W, Schuurmans M, Benden C, Brucher A, Klaghofer R

Post-transplant outcome-clusters of psychological distress and health-related quality of life in lung transplant recipients

Vontobel J, Possner M, Schütz P, Müller B, Taramasso M, Binder RK, Haueis S, Attinger-Toller A, Maisano F, Nietlispach F

Early safety outcome following transcatheter aortic valve implantation: is the amount of contrast media used a matter of concern?

Tandjung R, Hanhart A, Bärtschi F, Keller R, Steinhauer A, Rosemann T, Senn O

Referral rates in Swiss primary care with a special emphasis on reasons for encounter

Erdmann A, Werner D, Hugli O, Yersin B

Focused use of drug screening in overdose patients increases impact on management

Wapp M, Everts R, Burren Y, Kellner-Weldon F, El-Koussy M, Wiest R, Federspiel A, Michel P, Schroth G

Cognitive improvement in patients with carotid stenosis is independent of treatment type

Meloni M, Corti N, Müller D, Henning L, Gutteck U, von Braun A, Weber R, Fehr JS

Cure of tuberculosis despite serum concentrations of antituberculosis drugs below published reference ranges

Schindler M, Mitter V, Bergstraesser E, Gumy-Pause F, Michel G, Kuehni CE, Swiss Paediatric Oncology Group (SPOG)

Death certificate notifications in the Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry: assessing completeness and registration procedures

Special article

Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences

Medical-ethical guidelines: Coercive measures in medicine

Review article: Current opinion

Diehm N, Borm AK, Keo HH, Wyler S

Interdisciplinary options for diagnosis and treatment of organic erectile dysfunction

Redolfi N, Lodovichi C

Role of the odorant receptor in neuronal connectivity in the olfactory bulb

Braun N, Gomes F, Schütz P

“The obesity paradox” in disease – is the protective effect of obesity true?

Review article

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