Collection 2015/27-28

Original article

McLennan S, Shaw D, Leu A, Elger B

Professional liability insurance and medical error disclosure

Hsieh K, Stein K, Mono ML, Kellner-Weldon F, Verma RK, Weisstanner C, Andereggen L, Reinert M, Gralla J, Schroth G, El-Koussy M

In-vivo phase contrast magnetic resonance angiography of the cerebrovascular system: a comparative study with duplex sonography

Author reply to technical comment

Zimmerli LU

Author reply to letter

Letter to the Editor

Romanens M

Clarification of check-up recommendations in adults

Review article

Lovis C, Blaser J

Biomedical informatics in Switzerland: need for action

Review article: Current opinion

von Niederhäusern B, Pauli-Magnus C, Fabbro T

The role of Clinical Trial Units in investigator- and industry-initiated research projects

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