Collection 2015/07-08


Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Ahmad S, Gantenbein B, Evangelopoulos D, Schär MO, Schwienbacher S, Kohlhof H, Kohl S

Arthroplasty – current strategies for the management of knee osteoarthritis

Original article

Meerwein C, Queiroz MA, Kollias S, Hüllner M, Veit-Haibach P, Huber G

Post-treatment surveillance of head and neck cancer: pitfalls in the interpretation of FDG PET-CT/MRI

Amiel Castro R, Schroeder K, Pinard C, Blöchlinger P, Künzli H, Riecher-Rössler A, Kammerer M

Perinatal mental health service provision in Switzerland and in the UK

Sebo P, Haller D, Pechère-Bertschi A, Bovier P, Herrmann F

Accuracy of doctors’ anthropometric measurements in general practice

Wild V, Carina F, Frouzakis R, Clarinval C, Fässler M, Elger B, Gächter T, Leu A, Spirig R, Kleinknecht M, Radovanovic D, Mouton Dorey C, Burnand B, Vader JP, Januel JM, Biller-Andorno N, The IDoC group

Assessing the impact of DRGs on patient care and professional practice in Switzerland (IDoC) – a potential model for monitoring and evaluating healthcare reform

Fässler M, Wild V, Clarinval C, Tschopp A, Faehnrich J, Biller-Andorno N

Impact of the DRG-based reimbursement system on patient care and professional practise: perspectives of Swiss hospital physicians

Marbac-Delon V, Créach-Juzan MA, Gillard J, Saintot M, Mayet A

Associations between alcohol use expectancies and drinking problems among French soldiers

Schmitt KU, Seeger R, Fischer H, Lanz C, Muser M, Walz F, Schwarz U

Saccadic eye movement performance as an indicator of driving ability in elderly drivers

Author reply to technical comment

Lang P, Hatz C, Valeri F

Reply to letter to the Editor from S. C. Arya and N. Agarwal

Special article

Scientific Integrity Committee of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, Hess CW, Brückner C, Kaiser T, Mauron A, Wahli W, Wenzel UJ, Salathé M

Authorship in scientific publications: analysis and recommendations

Review article

Samaras P, Bargetzi M, Betticher D, Duchosal M, Heim D, Hess U, Ketterer N, Lerch E, Matthes T, Mey U, Pabst T, Taverna C, Zander T, Renner C

Current status and updated recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of plasma cell myeloma in Switzerland

Huber F, Lang HP, Zhang J, Rimoldi D, Gerber C

Nanosensors for cancer detection

Letter to the Editor

Kim LJ, Okazaki KM, Centurion Gandolphi LR, Morgadinho Santos Coelho F, Tufik S, Levy Andersen M

Evaluating the underestimated risk factors associated with carotid artery stenosis

Vassilakos P, Catarino R, Frey Tirri B, Petignat P

Cervical cancer screening in Switzerland: time to rethink the guidelines

Deutsch T, Heitzer M, Lippmann S, Frese T, Sandholzer M

Letter to the Editor: Curricular changes to promote medical students’ interest in primary care and rural practice

Review article: Current opinion

Schuetz P, Aujesky D, Müller C, Müller B

Biomarker-guided personalised emergency medicine for all – hope for another hype?

Junod Perron N, Sommer J, Louis-Simonet M, Nendaz M

Teaching communication skills: beyond wishful thinking

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