Collection 2015/05-06


Rehmann-Sutter C

The new genomic patient

Aguzzi A

Scientific publishing in the times of open access

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Rothschild S, Thommen D, Moersig W, Müller P, Zippelius A

Cancer immunology – development of novel anti-cancer therapies

Original article

Vassalli G, d’Angeli I, Scherff F, Sürder D, Mantovani A, Pasotti E, Klersy C, Auricchio A, Moccetti T, Pedrazzini G

Comparison of clinical and angiographic prognostic risk scores in elderly patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome and referred for percutaneous coronary intervention

Ghadri JR, Gaehwiler R, Jaguszewski M, Sudano I, Osipova J, Schoenenberger-Berzins R, Erne P, Lüscher T, Templin C

Impact of local vascular lesions assessed with optical coherence tomography and ablation points on blood pressure reduction after renal denervation

Hollwich S, Franke I, Riecher-Rössler A, Reiter-Theil S

Therapist-client sex in psychotherapy: attitudes of professionals and students towards ethical arguments

Review article

Daikeler T, Kistler AD, Martin PY, Vogt B, Huynh-Do U

The role of rituximab in the treatment of ANCA-associated vasculitides (AAV)

Mavrakanas T, Samer C, Fontana P, Perrier A

Direct oral anticoagulants: efficacy and safety in patient subgroups

Ehrismann D, Patel D

University – Industry collaborations: models, drivers and cultures

Martínez-González N, Rosemann T, Tandjung R, Djalali S

The effect of physician-nurse substitution in primary care in chronic diseases: a systematic review

Schucht P, Beck J, Seidel K, Raabe A

Extending resection and preserving function: modern concepts of glioma surgery

Review article: Current opinion

Wandeler G, Dufour JF, Bruggmann P, Rauch A

Hepatitis C: a changing epidemic

Virgini V, Meindl-Fridez C, Battegay E, Zimmerli L

Check-up examination: recommendations in adults

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