Collection 2015/03-04


Walter M, Lang UE

“When I’m rushing on my run” – novel psychoactive substances

Ten Cate FJ


Bonetti N, Beer JH

Investigators of studies of n = 1: Pioneers or kamikazes?

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Original article

Surial B, Burkhart A, Terliesner N, Morgenthaler M, Bächli E

Adherence to transfusion guidelines: are we prepared for the Smarter Medicine or Choosing Wisely® initiative?

Kloepfer K, Schmid P, Wuillemin WA, Rüfer A

Reference values for oral iron absorption of bivalent iron in healthy volunteers

Review article: Current opinion

Kaspar M, Partovi S, Aschwanden M, Imfeld S, Baldi T, Uthoff H, Staub D

Assessment of microcirculation by contrast-enhanced ultrasound: a new approach in vascular medicine

Schulz EG, Stahmann A, Neumann CL

Telemedicine: interventional decentralised blood pressure telemonitoring (idTBPM)

Peer reviewed letter

Sauter T, Haider DG, Ricklin ME, Exadaktylos AK

The snow, the men, the shovel, the risk? ER admissions after snow shovelling: 13 winters in Bern

Massobrio L, Rosa GM, Montecucco F, Valbusa A

Treatment with apixaban in a patient with recent chronic subdural haematoma: a case report

Review article

Chiolero A, Paccaud F, Aujesky D, Santschi V, Rodondi N

How to prevent overdiagnosis

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