Collection 2014/51-52

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Beeler PE, Bates DW, Hug BL

Clinical decision support systems

Philippova M, Resink T, Erne P, Bochkov V

Oxidised phospholipids as biomarkers in human disease

Original article

Previsdomini M, Cerutti B, Merlani P, Kaufmann M, van Gessel E, Rothen HU, Perren A

SwissScoring – a nationwide survey of SAPS II assessing practices and its accuracy

Verga ME, Widmeier-Pasche V, Beck Popovic M, Pauchard JY, Gehri M

Iron deficiency in infancy: is an immigrant more at risk?

Burkhalter F, Sannon H, Mayr M, Dickenmann M, Ernst S

Prevalence and risk factors for chronic kidney disease in a rural region of Haiti

Review article

Rivoirard R, Chargari C, Trone JC, Falk AT, Guy JB, Eddekkaoui H, Lahmar R, Pacaut C, Mery B, Assouline A, Auberdiac P, Moriceau G, Gonthier R, Guillot A, Merrouche Y, Magné N

General management of nonagenarian patients: a review of the literature

Hofbauer GF, Anliker M, Boehncke WH, Brand C, Braun R, Gaide O, Hafner J, Hunger R, Itin P, Kaeuper G, Lautenschlager S, Mainetti C, Streit M

Swiss clinical practice guidelines on field cancerization of the skin

Eckstein J, Conen D, Kuehne M

Atrial fibrillation: A moving target

Review article: Current opinion

Baumgartner C, Blum MR, Rodondi N

Subclinical hypothyroidism: summary of evidence in 2014

Peer reviewed letter

Bühler S, Jaeger VK, Kling K, Hatz C

To vaccinate or let it be – current recommendations and the reality about yellow fever vaccination

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