Collection 2014/49-50


Fonseca H

Is internet use unhealthy?

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Ipseiz N, Scholtysek C, Culemann S, Krönke G

Adopted orphans as regulators of inflammation, immunity and skeletal homeostasis

Original article

Helbling P, Altpeter E, Egger JM, Zellweger JP

Treatment outcomes of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Switzerland

Suris JC, Akre C, Piguet C, Ambresin AE, Zimmermann G, Berchtold A

Is Internet use unhealthy? A cross-sectional study of adolescent Internet overuse

Sebo P, Herrmann F, Haller D

White coat in primary care: what do patients think today? Cross-sectional study

Rossier MC, Mivelaz Y, Addor MC, Sekarski N, Meijboom EJ, Vial Y

Evaluation of prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease in a regional controlled case study

Review article: Current opinion

Schoenenberger AW, Exadaktylos AK

Can geriatric approaches support the care of old patients in emergency departments?

Pollock E, Nowak A

The cardiorenal problem

Review article

Hofmann-Amtenbrink M, Hofmann H, Hool A, Roubert F

Nanotechnology in medicine: European research and its implications

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