Collection 2014/4142

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Csaba Forster-Horvath, Christian Egloff, Andrej M. Nowakowski, Victor Valderrabano

The painful primary hip replacement – review of the literature

Original article

Helena Hermann, Manuel Trachsel, Christine Mitchell, Nikola Biller-Andorno

Medical decision-making capacity: knowledge, attitudes, and assessment practices of physicians in Switzerland

Reto Etter, Jukka Takala, Tobias Michael Merz

Intensive care without walls – introduction of a Medical Emergency Team system in a Swiss tertiary care centre

Liang He, Ying Ding, Huiyu Chen, Yanning Qian, Zhong Li

Butorphanol pre-treatment prevents myoclonus induced by etomidate: A randomised, double-blind, controlled clinical trial

Dorothea Wunder, Pierluigi Ballabeni, Matthias Roth-Kleiner, Marie-Pierre Primi, Alfred Senn, Alain Chanson, Marc Germond, Celine Leyvraz

Effect of embryo culture media on birthweight and length in singleton term infants after IVF-ICSI

Marc Dupuis, Stephanie Baggio, Yves Henchoz, Stéphane Deline, Alexandra N'Goran, Joseph Studer, Caroline Baehler, Meichun Mohler-Kuo, Gerhard Gmel

Risky single occasion drinking frequency and alcohol-related consequences: can abstinence during early adulthood lead to alcohol problems?

Stefanie Aeschbacher, Tobias Schoen, Carole Clair, Paula Schillinger, Selina Schönenberger, Martin Risch, Lorenz Risch, David Conen

Association of smoking and nicotine dependence with pre-diabetes in young and healthy adults

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