Collection 2014/33-34

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Noack J, Brambilla Pisoni G, Molinari M

Proteostasis: Bad news and good news from the endoplasmic reticulum

Original article

Balmelli C, Zysset F, Pagnamenta A, Francioli P, Lazor-Blanchet C, Zanetti G, Zellweger JP

Contact tracing investigation after professional exposure to tuberculosis in a Swiss hospital using both tuberculin skin test and IGRA

Ramelli V, Ramelli GP, Lava SG, Siegenthaler G, Cantù M, Bianchetti M, Ceschi A

Vitamin D status among children and adolescents on anticonvulsant drugs in Southern Switzerland

Review article: Current opinion

Thibault R, Heidegger C, Berger M, Pichard C

Parenteral nutrition in the intensive care unit: cautious use improves outcome

Special article

Blank P, Gutzwiller F

Current challenges in handling genetic data

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