Collection 2014/2526

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Veronika Kreutle, Claudine Blum, Christian Meier, Miriam Past, Beat Müller, Philipp Schütz, Katrin Borm

Bisphosphonate induced hypocalcaemia – report of six cases and review of the literature

Stefano F Rimoldi, Claudio Sartori, Emrush Rexhaj, David Cerny, Robert Von Arx, Rodrigo Soria, Marc Germond, Yves Allemann, Urs Scherrer

Vascular dysfunction in children conceived by assisted reproductive technologies: underlying mechanisms and future implications

Original article

Gilles Duvoisin, Céline Fischer, Delphine Maucort-Boulch, Eric Giannoni

Reduction in the use of diagnostic tests in infants with risk factors for early-onset neonatal sepsis does not delay antibiotic treatment

Désirée Thommen, Noemi Weissenberger, Philipp Schuetz, Beat Mueller, Christoph Reemts, Thomas Holler, Juerg A. Schifferli, Martin Gerber, Balthasar L Hug

Head-to-head comparison of length of stay, patients’ outcome and satisfaction in Switzerland before and after SwissDRG-Implementation in 2012 in 2012: an observational study in two tertiary university centers

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