Collection 2014/2324

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Christian Meier, Olivier Lamy, Marc-Antoine Krieg, Hans-Ulrich Mellinghoff, Markus Felder, Serge Ferrari, René Rizzoli

The role of teriparatide in sequential and combination therapy of osteoporosis

Dimitri Ceroni, Georgios Kampouroglou, Raimonda Valaikaite, Rebecca Anderson Della Llana, Davide Salvo

Osteoarticular infections in young children: what has changed over the last years?

Original article

Oliver Reuthebuch, Luca Koechlin, Brigitta Gahl, Peter Matt, Ulrich Schurr, Martin Grapow, Friedrich Eckstein

Off-pump compared to minimal extracorporeal circulation surgery in coronary artery bypass grafting

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