Collection 2014/15-16

Original article

Buetikofer S, Wandeler G, Kouyos R, Weber R, Ledergerber B

Prevalence and risk factors of late presentation for HIV diagnosis and care in a tertiary referral centre in Switzerland

Author reply to technical comment

Graz B, Michaud PA, Rodondi PI, Carruzzo P, Bonvin E

Complementary and alternative medicine in French speaking Swiss hospitals: increasing and should be more evidence-based

Letter to the editor

Sarlak H, Dinc M, Balta S, Cakar M, Arslan E, Demirbas S

Early detection of urinary NGAL and plasma CysC may prevent progression to overt acute renal failure

Review article

Gabay C, Hasler P, Kyburz D, So A, Villiger P, von Kempis J, Walker U

Biological agents in monotherapy for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

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