Collection 2014/09-10

Original article

O'Meara AC, Holbro A, Meyer S, Martinez M, Medinger M, Buser A, Halter J, Heim D, Gerull S, Bucher C, Rovo A, Kuehne T, Tichelli A, Gratwohl A, Stern M, Passweg J

Forty years of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a review of the Basel experience

Bossard M, Sticherling C, Kühne M, Frey S, Osswald S, Schaer B

Outcome of patients with cardiac resynchronisation defibrillator therapy and a follow-up of at least five years after implant

Csajka C, Jaquet A, Winterfeld U, Yvonne M, Einarson A, Panchaud A

Risk perception by healthcare professionals related to drug use during pregnancy: a Swiss survey

Fahrner R, Übersax L, Mettler A, Berger S, Seiler CA

Paediatric thyroid surgery is safe – experiences at a tertiary surgical centre

Stute P, Birkhäuser M, von Wolff M, Meier C

Gynaecologists’ awareness of bone healthcare in Switzerland

Hoffmann H, Dell-Kuster S, Rosenthal R

Medical students’ career expectations and interest in opting for a surgical career

El Ezzi O, Hohlfeld J, de Buys Roessingh a

Propranolol in infantile haemangioma: simplifying pretreatment monitoring

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