Collection 2014/05-06

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Eggel A, Wyss-Coray T

A revival of parabiosis in biomedical research

Original article

Manegold-Brauer G, Kang Bellin A, Hahn S, De Geyter C, Buechel J, Hoesli I, Lapaire O

A new era in prenatal care: non-invasive prenatal testing in Switzerland

Schaub N, Boldanova T, Noveanu M, Arenja N, Hermann H, Twerenbold R, Frei R, Bingisser R, Trampuz A, Müller C

Incremental value of multiplex real-time PCR for the early diagnosis of sepsis in the emergency department

Review article

Brand Y, Senn P, Dillier N, Kompis M, Allum J

Cochlear implantation in children and adults in Switzerland

Peer reviewed letter

Sand PG, Welz T

PITX3 variants in Chinese patients with Parkinson's disease

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