Collection 2014/0506

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Yves Brand, Pascal Senn, Norbert Dillier, Martin Kompis, John Allum

Cochlear implantation in children and adults in Switzerland

Alexander Eggel, Tony Wyss-Coray

A revival of parabiosis in biomedical research

Original article

Giuseppe Vassalli, Ilaria d’Angeli, Frank Scherff, Daniel Sürder, Antonio Mantovani, Elena Pasotti, Catherine Klersy, Angelo Auricchio, Tiziano Moccetti, Giovanni B. Pedrazzini

Comparison of clinical and angiographic prognostic risk scores in elderly patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome and referred for percutaneous coronary intervention

Gwendolin Manegold-Brauer, Anjeung Kang Bellin, Sinuhe Hahn, Christian De Geyter, Johanna Buechel, Irene Hoesli, Olav Lapaire

A new era in prenatal care: non-invasive prenatal testing in Switzerland

Nora Schaub, Tujana Boldanova, Markus Noveanu, Nisha Arenja, Heinz Hermann, Raphael Twerenbold, Reno Frei, Roland Bingisser, Andrej Trampuz, Christian Müller

Incremental value of multiplex real-time PCR for the early diagnosis of sepsis in the emergency department

Peer reviewed clinical letter

Philipp G Sand, Tobias Welz

PITX3 variants in Chinese patients with Parkinson's disease

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