Collection 2013/45-46

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Original article

Bally K, Buechel R, Buser P, Martina B, Tschudi P, Zeller A

Discontinuation of secondary prevention medication after myocardial infarction – the role of general practitioners and patients

Bouchardy C, Rapiti E, Fioretta G, Schubert H, Chappuis P, Vlastos G, Benhamou S

Impact of family history of breast cancer on tumour characteristics, treatment, risk of second cancer and survival among men with breast cancer

Praehauser C, Hirt-Minkowski P, Saydam Bakar K, Amico P, Vogler E, Schaub S, Mayr M

Risk factors and outcome of expanded-criteria donor kidney transplants in patients with low immunological risk

Pfeiffer Y, Briner M, Wehner T, Manser T

Motivational antecedents of incident reporting: evidence from a survey of nurses and physicians

Daniel H, Oesch P, Stuck AE, Born S, Bachmann S, Schoenenberger AW

Evaluation of a novel photography-based home assessment protocol for identification of environmental risk factors for falls in elderly persons

Review article

Hitz F, Bargetzi M, Cogliatti S, Lohri A, Taverna C, Renner C, Mey U

Diagnosis and treatment of mantle cell lymphoma

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