Collection 2013/4546

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Hitz Felicitas, Bargetzi Mario, Cogliatti Sergio, Lohri Andreas, Taverna Christian, Renner Christoph, Mey Ulrich

Diagnosis and treatment of mantle cell lymphoma

Original article

Pfeiffer Yvonne, Briner Matthias, Wehner Theo, Manser Tanja

Motivational antecedents of incident reporting: evidence from a survey of nurses and physicians

Bally Klaus, Buechel Ronny, Buser Peter, Martina Benedict, Tschudi Peter, Zeller Andreas

Discontinuation of secondary prevention medication after myocardial infarction – the role of general practitioners and patients

Daniel Heike, Oesch Peter, Stuck Andreas E., Born Stephan, Bachmann Stefan, Schoenenberger Andreas W.

Evaluation of a novel photography-based home assessment protocol for identification of environmental risk factors for falls in elderly persons

Bouchardy Christine, Rapiti Elisabetta, Fioretta Gerald, Schubert Hyma, Chappuis Pierre, Vlastos Georges, Benhamou Simone

Impact of family history of breast cancer on tumour characteristics, treatment, risk of second cancer and survival among men with breast cancer

Sleptsova Marina, Woessmer Brigitta, Grossman Paul, Langewitz Wolf Axel

Culturally sensitive group therapy for Turkish patients suffering from chronic pain: a randomised controlled intervention trial

Magagna-Poveda Alejandra, Leske Henning, Schmid Christoph, Bernays René, Rushing Elisabeth

Expression of somatostatin receptors, angiogenesis and proliferation markers in pituitary adenomas: an immunohistochemical study with diagnostic and therapeutic implications

Praehauser Claudia, Hirt-Minkowski Patricia, Saydam Bakar Kiymet, Amico Patrizia, Vogler Eliane, Schaub Stefan, Mayr Michael

Risk factors and outcome of expanded-criteria donor kidney transplants in patients with low immunological risk

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