Collection 2013/43-44

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Kollar E, Buyx A

Ethics and policy of medical brain drain: a review

Original article

Favrod-Coune T, Baroudi M, Casillas A, Rieder JP, Getaz L, Barro J, Gaspoz JM, Broers B, Wolff H

Opioid substitution treatment in pretrial prison detention: a case study from Geneva, Switzerland

Schurr UP, Emmert MY, Berdajs D, Reuthebuch O, Seifert B, Dzemali O, Genoni M

Subclavian artery cannulation provides superior outcomes in patients with acute type-A dissection: long-term results of 290 consecutive patients

Schaer B, Hitz L, Sticherling C, Kühne MS, Dickenmann M, Jordaens L, Osswald S, Theuns DA

Changes in renal function over time in patients with cardiac resynchronisation therapy

Graf SA, Zimmermann H, Albrecht R, Roggenmoser P

Should patients with a hip or femur fracture sustained abroad be repatriated for surgery?

Review article

Carbone F, Montecucco F, Mach F

Update on evidence for treatment with ranolazine in stable angina

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