Collection 2013/35-36

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Kania G, Blyszczuk P, Müller-Edenborn B, Eriksson U

Novel therapeutic options in inflammatory cardiomyopathy

Original article

Troxler DS, Michaud PA, Graz B, Rodondi PY

Exploratory survey about dietary supplement use: a hazardous and erratic way to improve one’s health?

Altmann D, Mutschelknauss M, Ehl N, Koller M, Schär B, Jörg L, Ammann P, Kühne M, Rickli H, Osswald S, Sticherling C

Prevalence of severely impaired left ventricular ejection fraction after reperfused ST-elevation myocardial infarction

Marsch S, Tschan F, Semmer NK, Zobrist R, Hunziker P, Hunziker S

ABC versus CAB for cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a prospective, randomized simulator-based trial

Sarivalasis A, Bodenmann P, Langenskiold E, Lutchmaya- Flick C, Daher O, Zellweger JP

High rate of completion of preventive therapy for latent tuberculosis infection among asylum seekers in a Swiss Canton

Gholami N, Boesch L, Falcato L, Stohler R, Bruggmann P

QTc prolongation in methadone maintenance - the role of HCV infection

Gnädinger M, Nentwig W, Fuchs J, Ceschi A

Swiss prospective study on spider bites

Staehelin K, Kurth E, Schindler C, Schmid M, Zemp Stutz E

Predictors of early postpartum mental distress in mothers with midwifery home care – results from a nested case-control study

Perrin T, Descombes E, Magnin JL, Gachet M, Hemett OM, Hayoz D, Stolt V, Baeriswyl G, Stauffer JC, Goy JJ, Togni M, Cook S

Urinary Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (uNGAL) and contrast-induced acute kidney injury after coronary angiogram

Pfortmueller C, Kradolfer D, Kunz M, Lehmann B, Lindner G, Exadaktylos AK

Injuries in agriculture – injury severity and mortality

Frey B, Hossle JP, Seiler Sigrist M, Cannizzaro V

Measurement of resident workload in paediatric intensive care

WU SW, Tsai HC, Tsai PY, Hung TW, Chang HR, Lian JD

Conversion to prolonged release tacrolimus formulation in stable kidney transplant recipients

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