Collection 2013/31-32

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Winkler C, Hohlfeld JM

Surfactant and allergic airway inflammation

Original article

Badertscher N, Braun RP, Held U, Kofmehl R, Senn O, Hofbauer GF, Rossi PO, Wensing MJ, Rosemann T, Tandjung R

Diagnostic competence of Swiss general practitioners in skin cancer

Moghaddam N, Langer R, Ross S, Nielsen E, Lösch S

Multiple osteosclerotic lesions in an Iron Age skull from Switzerland (320‒250 BC) – an unusual case

Puricel SG, Lehner C, Oberhänsli M, Rutz T, Togni M, Stadelmann M, Moschovitis A, Meier B, Wenaweser P, Windecker S, Stauffer JC, Cook S

Acute coronary syndrome in patients younger than 30 years – aetiologies, baseline characteristics and long-term clinical outcome

Author reply to technical comment

Letter to the editor

Ahmed S, Ratanapo S, Kittanamongkolchai W, Cheungpasitporn W, Suksaranjit P, Chongnarungsin D

Vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular disease

Review article

Heritier-Barras AC, Adler D, Iancu Ferfoglia R, Ricou B, Gasche Y, Leuchter I, Hurst S, Escher-Imhof M, Pollak P, Janssens JP

Is tracheostomy still an option in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? Reflections of a multidisciplinary work group

Review article: Current opinion

Schneider MP, Gertsch A, Bugnon O

Cyberhealth serving to support individual intake of medication

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