Collection 2013/21-22

Original article

Meng X, Wu S, Jiang Z, Sun B, Ma Y, Zhao X, Ding L, Wang Y, Wang T, Zhang S, Song S

Progestin as an alternative treatment option for multi-treated recurrent triple-negative breast cancer

Lienert C, Schawalder G, Findling O, Kamm CP, Humpert S, Mugglin A, Mathis J, Sturzenegger M, Mattle HP

Tolerance of intravenous methylprednisolone for relapse treatment in demyelinating CNS disease

Muheim F, Eichhorn M, Berger P, Czernin S, Stoppe G, Keck M, Riecher-Rössler A

Suicide attempts in the county of Basel: results from the WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Suicidal Behaviour

Gremmel T, Kopp CW, Seidinger D, Koppensteiner R, Steiner S, Panzer S

Impact of diabetes on platelet activation in different manifestations of atherosclerosis

Meyer S, Gortner L, Larsen A, Kutschke G, Gottschling S, Gräber S, Schroeder N

Complementary and alternative medicine in paediatrics: a systematic overview/synthesis of Cochrane Collaboration reviews

Dupraz J, Graff V, Barasche J, Etter JF, Boulvain M

Tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy: prevalence and determinants in Geneva in 2008

Author reply to technical comment

Berkmann S, Fandino J, Müller B, Kothbauer KF, Henzen C, Landolt H

Reply to the letter to the Editor “Visual outcomes after pituitary surgery”

Letter to the Editor

Panos G, Hafezi F, Gatzioufas Z

Letter to the editor: Visual outcomes after pituitary surgery

Goy JJ, Schlaepfer J, Stauffer JC

Competency in interpretation of 12-lead electrocardiogram among Swiss doctors

Review article

Boujelbene N, Elloumi F, Kamel ME, Abeidi H, Matzinger O, Mirimanoff RO, Khanfir K

Stereotactic body radiation therapy in stage I inoperable lung cancer: from palliative to curative options

Review article: Current opinion

von Känel T, Huber AR

DNA methylation analysis

Vuilleumier N, Dayer JM, Von Eckardstein A, Roux-Lombard P

Pro- or anti-inflammatory role of apolipoprotein A-1 in high-density lipoproteins?

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