Collection 2013/1920

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Thomy Tonia, Guido Schwarzer, Julia Bohlius

Cancer, meta-analysis and reporting biases: the case of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents

Tobias Brosch, Klaus Scherer, Didier Grandjean, David Sander

The impact of emotion on perception, attention, memory, and decision-making

Rainer Fretz, Francesco Negro, Philip Bruggmann, Daniel Lavanchy, Andrea De Gottardi, Isabelle Pache, Virginie Masserey Spicher, Andreas Cerny

Hepatitis B and C in Switzerland – healthcare provider initiated testing for chronic hepatitis B and C infection

David Martin Shaw, Bernice S. Elger

The relevance of relevance in research

Original article

Flavio Muheim, Martin Eichhorn, Pascal Berger, Stephanie Czernin, Gabriela Stoppe, Merle Keck, Anita Riecher-Rössler

Suicide attempts in the county of Basel: results from the WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Suicidal Behaviour

Panagiotis Samaras, Dimitrios Zardavas, Ulf Petrausch, Elefteri Marcel Buset, Sarah R. Haile, Hanspeter Honegger, Raffaele Daniele Siciliano, Urs Schanz, Axel Mischo, Niklaus G. Schäfer, Christian Taverna, Alexander Knuth, Rolf Stahel, Christoph Renner, Frank Stenner-Liewen

Prognostic factors for survival in lymphoma patients after autologous stem cell transplantation

Noemi Weissenberger, Désirée Thommen, Philipp Schuetz, Beat Mueller, Christoph Reemts, Thomas Holler, Juerg A Schifferli, Martin Gerber, Balthasar L Hug

Head-to-head comparison of fee-for-service and diagnosis related groups in two tertiary referral hospitals in Switzerland: an observational study

Rahel Schwotzer, Walter Kistler, Beat Villiger, Dagmar Keller, Thomas Wolber, Thomas Lüscher, Stefan Drechsel, Christian Schmied

"On-site" prevention and education to improve cardiac pre-competition screening in competitive amateur athletes

Technical comment

Sergei V. Jargin

Reduction of radiocesium load – reply

Sait Demirkol, Mustafa Cakar, Sevket Balta, Murat Unlu, Muharrem Akhan, Hakan Sarlak

The proper blood pressure may impair cardiovascular risk factors

Author reply to technical comment

Corinne Chmiel, Oliver Senn, Thomas Rosemann, Claudia Steurer-Stey

Reply to Letter to the Editor: The proper blood pressure may impaire cardiovascular risk factors

Peer reviewed clinical letter

Alberto Valbusa, Matteo Paganini, Gianluca Secchi, Fabrizio Montecucco, Gian Marco Rosa

What happened to a thrombus during apical ballooning syndrome: a case report

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