Collection 2013/07-08

Original article

Passweg J, Baldomero H, Bargetzi M, Bucher C, Chalandon Y, Duchosal MA, Gratwohl A, Güngör T, Hess U, Leibundgut K, Nicoloso de Faveri G, Ozsahin H, Pabst T, Renner C, Stern M, Stussi G, Schanz U, for the SBST (Swiss Blood Stem Cell Transplantation Group)

Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: activity in Switzerland compared with surrounding European countries

Gamondi C, Galli N, Schönholzer C, Marone C, Zwahlen H, Gabutti L, Bianchi G, Ferrier C, Cereghetti C, Giannini O

Frequency and severity of pain and symptom distress among patients with chronic kidney disease receiving dialysis

Mouton W, Habegger AK, Haenni B, Tschanz S, Baumgartner I, Ochs M

Valve disease in chronic venous disorders: a quantitative ultrastructural analysis by transmission electron microscopy and stereology

Pfortmueller CA, Aulmann G, Lindner G, Perrig M, Müller TJ, Zimmermann H, Exadaktylos AK

Emergency department admissions to a prison hospital: a retrospective cohort study from Switzerland

Hoesli IM, Engelhardt M, Schötzau A, Huang DJ, Laissue N

Academic career and part-time working in medicine: A cross sectional study

Short communication

De Geyter C, Sterthaus O, Miny P, Wenzel F, Lapaire O, De Geyter M, Sartorius G

First successful pregnancy in Switzerland after prospective sex determination of the embryo through the separation of X-chromosome bearing spermatozoa

Letter to the editor

Shrestha N, Pilgrim T, Basnet A, Karki P, Cook S, Urban P

Percutaneous coronary intervention for acute coronary syndromes in eastern Nepal: a preliminary report

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