Collection 2012/47-48

Original article

Guessous I, Dudler V, Glatz N, Theler JM, Zoller O, Paccaud F, Burnier M, Bochud M

Vitamin D levels and associated factors: a population-based study in Switzerland

Ott R, Lenk C, Miller N, Neuhaus Bühler R, Biller-Andorno N

Neuroenhancement - perspectives of Swiss psychiatrists and general practitioners

Review article

Rod Fleury T, Favrat B, Belaieff W, Hoffmeyer P

Resuming motor vehicle driving following orthopaedic surgery or limb trauma

Review article: Current opinion

Sündermann SH, Falk V, Jacobs S

Mitral valve reconstruction - timing, surgical techniques and results

Burkhalter F, Steiger J, Dickenmann M

A road map for patients with imminent end-stage renal disease

Utzinger J, Becker SL, Knopp S, Blum J, Neumayr AL, Keiser J, Hatz CF

Neglected tropical diseases: diagnosis, clinical management, treatment and control

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