Collection 2012/39-40

Original article

Le Coultre R, Aroua A, Samara ET, Rochat M, Coendoz S, Verdun FR

Exploring the use of the Swiss medical tariffication codes (TARMED) in the establishment of the frequency of radiodiagnostic examinations

Füchslin HP, Egli T, Kötzsch S

Cryptosporidium spp. in drinking water

Berkmann S, Fandino J, Müller B, Kothbauer KF, Henzen C, Landolt H

Pituitary surgery: experience from a large network in Central Switzerland

Review article: Current opinion

Graf L, Tsakiris DA

Anticoagulant treatment: the end of the old agents?

Review article

Wunder D, Perey L

Fertility preservation in cancer patients

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