Collection 2012/37-38


Künzli N, Villalbi JR

Will Switzerland follow Spain? Maybe, if you raise your voice!

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Hartog CS, Winning J, Bauer M

Volume replacement after trauma: an update

Original article

Schwarz C, Leichtle AB, Arampatzis S, Fiedler GM, Zimmermann H, Exadaktylos AK, Lindner G

Thyroid function and serum electrolytes: does an association really exist?

Review article: Current opinion

Conti M, Merlani P, Ricou B

Prognosis and quality of life of elderly patients after intensive care

Review article

Gétaz L, Rieder JP, Nyffenegger L, Eytan A, Gaspoz JM, Wolff H

Hunger strike among detainees: guidance for good medical practice

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