Collection 2012/31-32


Hartog C

Should clinical studies guide clinical practice?

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Heini PF, Teuscher R

Vertebral body stenting / stentoplasty

Posfay-Barbe KM

Infections in pediatrics: old and new diseases

Original article

Kuske L, Mensen A, Müllhaupt B, Negro F, Semela D, Moradpour D, Malé PJ, Heim MH, Malinverni R, Cerny A, Dufour JF

Characteristics of patients with chronic hepatitis C who develop hepatocellular carcinoma

Review article: Current opinion

Wild V, Pfister E, Biller-Andorno N

Ethical research on the implementation of DRGs in Switzerland - a challenging project

Egli R, Luginbühl R

Tissue engineering - nanomaterials in the musculoskeletal system

Bandschapp O, Girard T

Malignant hyperthermia

Short communication

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