Collection 2012/29-30


Arranto CA

STIM-ulation for the big trial

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Bonati L, Engelter ST, Lyrer PA

Carotid artery stenting

Weber B, Emmert MY, Hoerstrup SP

Stem cells for heart valve regeneration

Original article

Korb-Savoldelli V, Gillaizeau F, Caruba T, Prognon P, Durieux P, Sabatier B

Information about medication in HIV-infected patients and its relation to adherence

Murray O, Christen K, Marsh A, Bayer J

Fracture clinic redesign: improving standards in patient care and interprofessional education

Adler RH, Minder CE

Clinical competence of biopsychosocially trained physiscians and controls

Czernin S, Vogel M, Flückiger M, Muheim F, Bourgnon JC, Reichelt M, Eichhorn M, Riecher-Rössler A, Stoppe G

Cost of attempted suicide: a retrospective study of extent and associated factors

Förger F, Vallbracht I, Helmke K, Villiger PM, Ostensen M

Pregnancy mediated improvement of rheumatoid arthritis

Fridner A, Belkic K, Marini M, Gustafsson Sendén M, Schenck-Gustafsson K

Why don't academic physicians seek needed professional help for psychological distress?

Zhang Y, Wang X, Liu Y, Qu H, Qu S, Wang W, Ren L

The GC, CYP2R1 and DHCR7 genes are associated with vitamin D levels in northeastern Han Chinese children

Review article

Taegtmeyer AB, Leuppi JD, Kullak-Ublick GA

Roflumilast - a phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor licensed for add-on therapy in severe COPD

Egloff C, Hügle T, Valderrabano V

Biomechanics and pathomechanisms of osteoarthritis

Review article: Current opinion

Daniels AU

Silicone breast implant materials

Berdajs D

The Ross procedure for everyone

Lippuner K

The future of osteoporosis treatment - a research update

Gu YM, Asayama K, Liu YP, Staessen JA

Renal denervation: time to open Pandora's box

Timper K, Donath MY

Diabetes mellitus Type 2 - the new face of an old lady

Schwappach DLB, Conen D

Patient safety - who cares?

Letter to the Editor

Kaestli LZ, Fonzo-Christe C, Bonnabry P, Posfay-Barbe KM

Confusion between valGANciclovir (Valcyte®) and vALAcyclovir (Valtrex®)

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