Collection 2012/23-24

Original article

Schwappach D, Gehring K, Battaglia M, Buff R, Huber F, Sauter P, Wieser M

Threats to patient safety in the primary care office: concerns of physicians and nurses

Goetzmann L, Scholz U, Dux R, Roellin M, Boehler A, Muellhaupt B, Noll G, Wüthrich RP, Klaghofer R

Attitudes towards transplantation and medication among 121 heart, lung, liver and kidney recipients and their spouses

Ackermann S, Bingisser MB, Heierle A, Langewitz W, Hertwig R, Bingisser R

Discharge communication in the emergency department: physicians underestimate the time needed

Review article: Current opinion

Geissbühler A

e-Health: easing translation in health care

Sossai P

Butyric acid: what is the future for this old substance?

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