Collection 2012/19-20

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Heim MH

Interferons and hepatitis C virus

Original article

Ruedinger JM, Nickel CH, Bodmer M, Maile S, Kressig RW, Bingisser R

Diuretic use, RAAS blockade and morbidity in elderly patients presenting to the Emergency Department with non-specific complaints

Stauffer JC, Goy JJ, Duvoisin N, Radovanovic D, Rickli H, Erne P

Dramatic effect of early clopidogrel administration in reducing mortality and MACE rates in ACS patients

Finardi P, Nickel CH, Koller MT, Bingisser R

Accuracy of self-reported weight in a high risk geriatric population in the emergency department

Review article: Current opinion

von Kempis J, Dudler J, Hasler P, Kyburz D, Tyndall A, Zufferey P, Villiger PM

Use of abatacept in rheumatoid arthritis

Cimaz R, Von Scheven A, Hofer M

Systemic-onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis: the changing life of a rare disease

Review article

Schäfer HH, De Villiers JD, Sudano I, Dischinger S, Theus GR, Zilla P, Dieterle T

Recommendations for the treatment of hypertension in the elderly and very elderly: a scotoma within international guidelines

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