Collection 2012/15-16

Original article

Joerger M, Ess S, Dehler S, Savidan A, Bouchardy C, Frick H, Konzelmann I, Thürlimann B

A population-based study on the patterns of use of different chemotherapy regimens in Swiss patients with early breast cancer

Di Paolo ER, Gehri M, Ouedraogo-Ruchet L, Sibailly G, Lutz N, Pannatier A

Outpatient prescriptions practice and writing quality in a paediatric university hospital

Review article: Current opinion

Papadimas GK, Tzirogiannis KN, Mykoniatis MG, Grypioti AD, Manta GA, Panoutsopoulos GI

The emerging role of serotonin in liver regeneration

Balagué F, Piguet V, Dudler J

Steroids for low back pain - from rationale to inconvenient truth

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