Collection 2012/13-14

Original article

Buchs NC, Bucher P, Pugin F, Hagen M, Chassot G, Koutny-Fong P, Morel P

Value of performing routine postoperative liquid contrast swallow studies following robot-assisted Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Salvadè I, Domenighetti G, Jolliet P, Maggiorini M, Rothen HU

Perception of non-invasive ventilation in adult Swiss intensive care units

Lenherr G, Meyer-Zehnder B, Kressig RW, Reiter-Theil S

To speak, or not to speak - do clinicians speak about dying and death with geriatric patients at the end of life?

Perren A, Previsdomini M, Perren I, Merlani P

High accuracy of the nine equivalents of nursing manpower use score assessed by critical care nurses

Jochmann A, Scherr A, Jochmann DC, Miedinger D, Schafroth Török S, Chhajed PN, Tamm M, Leuppi JD

Impact of adherence to the GOLD guidelines on symptom prevalence, lung function decline and exacerbation rate in the Swiss COPD cohort

Gurpinar T, Gok S

Vasodilator effects of cromakalim and HA 1077 in diabetic rat aorta

Review article: Current opinion

Buerki-Thurnherr T, von Mandach U, Wick P

Knocking at the door of the unborn child: engineered nanoparticles at the human placental barrier

Review article

Meens MJPMT, Pfenniger A, Kwak BR

Risky communication in atherosclerosis and thrombus formation

Review article: Medtech

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