Collection 2011/29-30

Original article

Fehr M, Catschegn S, Madon J, Asmis L, Cathomas R, von Moos R

The influence of bevacizumab on platelet function

Fateh R, Iravani S, Frootan M, Rasouli MR, Saadat S

Synbiotic preparation in men suffering from functional constipation: a randomised controlled trial

Rüegger K, Dusemund F, Bossart R, Regez K, Schild U, Conca A, Sigrist T, Reutlinger B

Optimised patient transfer using an innovative multidisciplinary assessment in Kanton Aargau (OPTIMA I) - an observational survey in lower respiratory tract infections

Hoke M, Schillinger T, Mlekusch W, Wagner O, Minar E, Schillinger M

The impact of dental disease on mortality in patients with asymptomatic carotid atherosclerosis

Albrich WC, Suter I, Hug BL, Schoenenberger R, Mueller B

Quality of care delivered by fee-for-service and DRG hospitals in Switzerland in patients with community-acquired pneumonia

Review article: Current opinion

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