Collection 2011/21-22

Original article

Samaras P, Blickenstorfer M, Haile SR, Siciliano D, Petrausch U, Mischo A, Zweifel M, Honegger H, Schanz U, Stüssi G, Bauer S, Knuth A, Stenner-Liewen F

Validation of prognostic factors and survival of patients with multiple myeloma in a real-life autologous stem cell transplantation setting: a Swiss single centre experience

Khanfir K, Elhfidh M, Anchisi S, Bieri S

Sequential or concomitant chemotherapy in limited stage small-cell lung cancer

Zix JA, Lieger O, Saulacic N, Thoren HA, Iizuka T

Incidence, aetiology and pattern of mandibular fractures in central Switzerland

Hensel-Koch K, Thurnheer MC, Bruggmann P

Management of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in drug substitution programs

Hans D, So A, Krieg MA, Aubry-Rozier B

High prevalence of hypovitaminosis D in a Swiss rheumatology outpatient population

Basic science in medicine

Yao J, An Y, Wie JS, Ji ZL, Lu ZP, Wu JL, Jiang KR, Chen P, Xu ZK, Miao Y

Cyclopamine reverts acquired chemoresistance and down-regulates cancer stem cell markers in pancreatic cancer cell lines


Smoking ban in the Alps - any wonder?

Review article: Medical intelligence

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