Collection 2008/09-10

Original article

Bugnon S

Interdisciplinary tumour boards in Switzerland: quo vadis?

Daher EF, Marques CN, Lima RSA, Silva Júnior GB, Barbosa AS, Barbosa ES, Mota RMS, Leite da Silva S, Araújo SMHA, Liborio AB

Acute kidney injury in an infectious disease intensive care unit - an assessment of prognostic factors

Niederhauser C, Mansouri Taleghani B, Graziani M, Stolz M, Tinguely C, Schneider P

Blood donor screening: how to decrease the risk of transfusion-transmitted hepatitis B virus?

Asmis LM, Asmis R, Sulzer I, Furlan M

Contact system activation in human sepsis - 47kD HK, a marker of sepsis severity?

Peer reviewed clinical letter

Boucherie M, Borras L

Patients with schizophrenia and their finances: what they earn and own

Letter to the editor

Don M, Canciani M, Valent F, Korppi M

Clinical and laboratory findings in the diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia in children.

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