Collection 2004/15-16

Original article

Höfle G, Tautermann G, Aczél S, Holzmüller H

Relationship between various measures of bone mineral density and vertebral fractures in cardiac transplant recipients

Medicalethical guidelines

Swiss Academy of Med. Sciences

Treatment and care of patients with chronic severe brain damage

Short communication

Schulzke S, Adler H, Bär G

Mycobacterium bohemicum - a cause of paediatric cervical lymphadenitis

Peer reviewed clinical letter

Seebach JD

An unusual cause of transient small bowel thickening

Review article

Büchner S, Erni P, Garweg J, Gerber S, Kempf W, Lauper U, Meylan P, Reusser P

Swiss recommendations for the management of genital herpes and herpes simplex virus infection of the neonate

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