Collection 2020/3132


Ashcroft Peter, Huisman Jana S., Lehtinen Sonja, Bouman Judith A., Althaus Christian L., Regoes Roland R., Bonhoeffer Sebastian

COVID-19 infectivity profile correction

Original article

Schürch Sophie, Fux Christoph A., Dehler Silvia, Conen Anna, Knuchel Jürg, Friedl Andrée, Eigenmann Franz, Roser Patrik, Ackle Peter, Bregenzer Andrea

Management of hepatitis C in opioid agonist therapy patients of the Swiss canton Aargau within and outside the cohort study

Maurer Elisabeth, Neuhaus Thomas J., Weitz Marcus, Kuehni Claudia E., Laube Guido F.

Paediatric end-stage renal disease and renal replacement therapy in Switzerland: survival and treatment trends over four decades

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