Collection 2016/3940


Heininger Ulrich

Varicella prevention - a lifelong and challenging affair

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Eraña Hasier, Castilla Joaquín

The architecture of prions: how understanding would provide new therapeutic insights

Funke Manuela, Geiser Thomas, Schoch Otto D.

Pulmonary hypertension associated with chronic lung diseases

Systematic review

Original article

Straubhaar Katrin, Schuetz Philipp, Blum Claudine Angela, Nigro Nicole, Matthias Briel, Briel Matthias, Christ-Crain Mirjam, Mueller Beat, STEP study group

Influence of hospital characteristics on quality of care in patients with community-acquired pneumonia

Kägi Georg, Leisi Natascha, Galovic Marian, Müller-Baumberger Marlise, Krammer Werner, Weder Bruno

Prolonged impairment of deglutition in supratentorial ischaemic stroke: the predictive value of Parramatta Hospitals’ Assessment of Dysphagia

Seyed Jafari S. Morteza, Jäckle Pitschna, Michel Aude, Angermeier Sarina, Hunger Robert, Shafighi Maziar

Prognostic value of sentinel lymph node biopsy in melanomas of different Breslow’s thickness

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