Collection 2016/3132

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Hachulla Anne-Lise, Lador Frédéric, Soccal Paola M, Montet Xavier, Beghetti Maurice

Dual-energy computed tomographic imaging of pulmonary hypertension

Rakebrandt Nikolas, Littringer Katharina, Joller Nicole

Regulatory T cells: balancing protection versus pathology

Original article

Maurer Fabienne, Pradervand Sylvain, Guilleret Isabelle, Nanchen David, Maghraoui Ali, Chapatte Laurence, Bojkowska Karolina, Bhuiyan Zahurul Alam, Jacquemont Nathalie, Harshman Keith, Mooser Vincent

Identification and molecular characterisation of Lausanne Institutional Biobank participants with familial hypercholesterolaemia – a proof-of-concept study

Aubert Carole Elodie, Folly Antoine, Mancinetti Marco, Hayoz Daniel, Donzé Jacques

Prospective validation and adaptation of the HOSPITAL score to predict high risk of unplanned readmission of medical patients

Haslinger Christian, Stoiber Bernhard, Capanna Federica, Schäffer Marie-Kristin, Zimmermann Roland, Schäffer Leonhard

Postponed pregnancies and risks of very advanced maternal age


Cogliatti Sergio, Bargetzi Mario, Bertoni Francesco, Hitz Felicitas, Lohri Andreas, Mey Ulrich, Papachristofilou Alexandros, Taverna Christian, Zucca Emanuele, Renner Christoph

Supplementum 216: Diagnosis and treatment of marginal zone lymphoma

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