Collection 2016/2728

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Bowling Heather, Santini Emanuela

Unlocking the molecular mechanisms of antipsychotics – a new frontier for discovery

Roth Stefan, Liesz Arthur

Stroke research at the crossroads - where are we heading?

Koskinas Konstantinos, Wilhelm Matthias, Windecker Stephan

Current treatment of dyslipidaemia: PCSK9 inhibitors and statin intolerance

Original article

Aebi-Popp Karoline, Kahlert Christian, Rauch Andri, Mosimann Beatrice, Baud David, Low Nicola, Surbek Daniel

Heterogeneity in testing practices for infections during pregnancy: national survey across Switzerland

Oberli Lisa Susanna, Valeri Fabio, Korol Dimitri, Rohrmann Sabine, Dehler Silvia

31 years of lung cancer in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland: incidence trends by sex, histology and laterality

Walther Diana, Curjuric Ivan, Dratva Julia, Schaffner Emmanuel, Quinto Carlos, Rochat Thierry, Gaspoz Jean-Michel, Burdet Luc, Bridevaux Pierre-Olivier, Pons Marco, Gerbase Margaret W., Schindler Christian, Probst-Hensch Nicole

High blood pressure: prevalence and adherence to guidelines in a population-based cohort

Technical comment

Poirson Philippe

When federal science is muffling harm reduction by vaping

Author reply to technical comment

Gmel Gerhard, Baggio Stéphanie, Mohler-Kuo Meichun, Studer Joseph

When vaping lobbyists get science wrong – reply to Poirson

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