Collection 2016/1314

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Steinert Anna, Radulovic Katarina, Niess Jan

Gastro-intestinal tract: The leading role of mucosal immunity

Lüscher Christian, Pollak Pierre

Optogenetically inspired deep brain stimulation: linking basic with clinical research

Goloubinoff Pierre

Mechanisms of protein homeostasis in health, aging and disease

Turesson Carl

Comorbidity in rheumatoid arthritis

Small Annabelle Grace, Al-Baghdadi Marwah, Quach Alex, Hii Charles, Ferrante Antonio

Complement receptor immunoglobulin: a control point in infection and immunity, inflammation and cancer

Original article

Schaer Beat, Frey Simon, Sticherling Christian, Osswald Stefan, Reichlin Tobias, Kühne Michael

Persistent improvement of ejection fraction in patients with a cardiac resynchronisation therapy defibrillator correlates with fewer appropriate ICD interventions and lower mortality

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