Collection 2016/0910


Christophe Büla

Abuse in older persons: why physicians need to be aware

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Matthias Naegele, Andreas J Flammer, Frank Enseleit, Frank Ruschitzka

Medical therapy of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: current evidence and new developments

Piergiorgio Tozzi, Roger Hullin

Mechanical circulatory support for destination therapy

Pierre Fontana, Helia Robert-Ebadi, Henri Bounameaux, Françoise Boehlen, Marc Righini

Direct oral anticoagulants: a guide for daily practice

Original article

Corinne Chmiel, Mathyas Wang, Patrick Sidler, Klaus Eichler, Thomas Rosemann, Oliver Senn

Implementation of a hospital-integrated general practice – a successful way to reduce the burden of inappropriate emergency-department use

Margareta Schmid, Ueli Zellweger, Georg Bosshard, Matthias Bopp, Swiss Medical End-of-Life Decisions Study Group

Medical end-of-life decisions in Switzerland 2001 and 2013: Who is involved and how does the decision-making capacity of the patient impact?

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