Collection 2016/0708

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Dummer Reinhard, Siano Marco, Hunger Robert E., Lindenblatt Nicole, Braun Ralph, Michielin Oliver, Mihic-Probst Daniela, von Moos Roger, Najafi Yousef, Guckenberger Matthias, Arnold Andreas

The updated Swiss guidelines 2016 for the treatment and follow-up of cutaneous melanoma

Velho Tiago R., Santos Isa, Póvoa Pedro, Ferreira Moita Luis

Sepsis: the need for tolerance not complacency

Original article

Lamine Faiza, Lalubin Fabrice, Pitteloud Nelly, Burnier Michel, Zanchi Anne

Chronic kidney disease in type 2 diabetic patients followed-up by primary care physicians in Switzerland: prevalence and prescription of antidiabetic drugs

Chammartin Frédérique, Probst-Hensch Nicole, Utzinger Jürg, Vounatsou Penelope

Mortality atlas of the main causes of death in Switzerland, 2008–2012

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