Collection 2016/0506

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Pierre-André Michaud, Patrick Jucker-Kupper, The Profiles working group

The “Profiles” document: a modern revision of the objectives of undergraduate medical studies in Switzerland

Original article

Joris Welker, Reto Auer, Baris Gencer, Olivier Muller, Jacques Cornuz, Christian M. Matter, François Mach, Stephan Windecker, Nicolas Rodondi, David Nanchen

Hospital revascularisation capability and quality of care after an acute coronary syndrome in Switzerland

Danielle Gyurech, Julian Schilling, Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, Pascal Cassinotti, Franz Kaeppeli, Marinko Dobec

False positive dengue NS1 antigen test in a traveller with an acute Zika virus infection imported into Switzerland

Christian Tasso Braun, Mirko Mikula, Meret Elisabeth Ricklin, Aristomenis K. Exadaktylos, Arthur Helbling

Climate data, localisation of the sting, grade of anaphylaxis and therapy of hymenoptera stings

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