Collection 2015/1718


Valentin Andreas

Not everything possible will benefit a patient

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Original article

Datta Niloy Ranjan, Puric Emsad, Heüberger Juerg, Marder Dietmar, Lomax Nicoletta, Timm Olaf, Memminger Priska, Bodis Stephan

Hyperthermia and reirradiation for locoregional recurrences in preirradiated breast cancers: a single institutional experience

Special article

Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, Stocker Reto, Berner Michel, Binet Isabelle, Bürgi Ulrich, Fischer Johannes, Gardaz Valérie, Grob Daniel, Hager Ursula, Kätterer Christian, Kind Christian, Ricou Bara, Salathé Michelle, Wildi Stefan

Medical ethical guidelines: Intensive-care interventions

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