Collection 2015/0910

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Denis Berdajs

Troubleshooting in extracorporeal life support

Karine Hadaya, Thomas Fehr, Barbara Rüsi, Sylvie Ferrari-Lacraz, Jean Villard, Paolo Ferrari

Kidney paired donation: a plea for a Swiss National Programme

Original article

Daniela Riebenfeld, David Spirk, Alexandra Mathis, Lukas Villiger, Philipp Gerber, Urs Erwin Gasser, Roger Lehmann

Treatment intensification with insulin glargine in patients with inadequately controlled type 2 diabetes improves glycaemic control with a high treatment satisfaction and no weight gain

Arno Peng, Martin Rohacek, Selina Ackermann, Julia Ilsemann-Kakaroumis, Leyla Ghanim, Anna Messmer, Franziska Misch, Christian Nickel, Roland Bingisser

The proportion of correct diagnoses is low in emergency patients with nonspecific complaints presenting to the emergency department

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