Collection 2014/5152

Review article: Biomedical intelligence

Kaspar Mathias, Partovi Sasan, Aschwanden Markus, Imfeld Stephan, Baldi Thomas, Uthoff Heiko, Staub Daniel

Assessment of microcirculation by contrast-enhanced ultrasound: a new approach in vascular medicine

Philippova Maria, Resink Therese, Erne Paul, Bochkov Valerie

Oxidised phospholipids as biomarkers in human disease

Noutsios Georgios T, Floros Joanna

Childhood asthma: causes, risks, and protective factors; a role of innate immunity

Eckstein Jens, Conen David, Kuehne Michael

Atrial fibrillation: A moving target

Beeler Patrick Emanuel, Bates David Westfall, Hug Balthasar L

Clinical decision support systems

Hofbauer Günther FL, Anliker Mark, Boehncke Wolf-Henning, Brand Christoph, Braun Ralph, Gaide Olivier, Hafner Jürg, Hunger Robert, Itin Peter, Kaeuper Gina, Lautenschlager Stephan, Mainetti Carlo, Streit Markus

Swiss clinical practice guidelines on field cancerization of the skin

Rivoirard Romain, Chargari Cyrus, Trone Jane-Chloé, Falk Alexander T, Guy Jean-Baptiste, Eddekkaoui Houda, Lahmar Rima, Pacaut Cécile, Mery Benoite, Assouline Avi, Auberdiac Pierre, Moriceau Guillaume, Gonthier Regis, Guillot Aline, Merrouche Yacine, Magné Nicolas

General management of nonagenarian patients: a review of the literature

Baumgartner Christine, Blum Manuel Raphael, Rodondi Nicolas

Subclinical hypothyroidism: summary of evidence in 2014

Original article

Kloepfer Korinna, Schmid Pirmin, Wuillemin Walter A., Rüfer Axel

Reference values for oral iron absorption of bivalent iron in healthy volunteers

Verga Marie-Elise, Widmeier-Pasche Véronique, Beck Popovic Maja, Pauchard Jean-Yves, Gehri Mario

Iron deficiency in infancy: is an immigrant more at risk?

Pers Sabrina, Gautschi Matthias, Nuoffer Jean-Marc, Schwarz Hanspeter, Christ Emanuel

Integration of adult patients with phenylketonuria into professional life: Long-term follow-up of 27 patients in a single centre in Switzerland

Burkhalter Felix, Sannon Herriot, Mayr Michael, Dickenmann Michael, Ernst Silvia

Prevalence and risk factors for chronic kidney disease in a rural region of Haiti

Previsdomini Marco, Cerutti Bernard, Merlani Paolo, Kaufmann Mark, van Gessel Elisabeth, Rothen Hans Ulrich, Perren Andreas

SwissScoring – a nationwide survey of SAPS II assessing practices and its accuracy

Peer reviewed clinical letter

Bühler Silja, Jaeger Veronika K., Kling Kerstin, Hatz Christoph

To vaccinate or let it be – current recommendations and the reality about yellow fever vaccination

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